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Our Mission

We teach piano with a bigger picture in mind: 


To stimulate your learning desires into MORE and boost creativity & originality.

Our goal is to help you lay a solid musical foundation through piano education while helping you explore other instruments and music composition/songwriting to maximize your artistic potential.  Our instructors share feedback with one another so students can experience rapid growth and bear the fruit of confidence and excellence.  It is our passion to help our students create a story that is all their own!

Our Vision

We value and celebrate each student's unique learning style and make it our top priority to provide a personalized lesson plan that fulfills the student's learning desires and needs.  It is our firm belief that when students' originality is celebrated, it unlocks the creativity and excellence in them which leads to bringing out the best version of them.  As music educators, we use music as a tool that develops  ingenuity and builds confidence in our students! 

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Vivian K

My twelve year old daughter has been taking piano and composition lessons online since June. The great thing about ‘piano plus more’ is that I, mom, don’t have to make my daughter to do the practice. My daughter is practicing spontaneously because the teachers seem to know how to motivate the students. They do have a great understanding about their students. And they work together to work on different areas of music composition which makes my daughter to keep her interests in music.

Victoria K

Best Piano 🎹 teacher in the valley . My daughter loves playing piano even more after the classes with Janice. We can see an improvement after first month. Janice has great teaching techniques and she explains very clear. She cares about every student individual. I highly recommend Janice as a piano teacher!

Yulia U

My daughter is 8 years old, she fell in love with piano and her teacher Janice . Janice not only teaches my daughter at her best ability she also motivates her to play harder pieces with rhythm and diligence.

I would definitely recommend Janice as a piano and vocal teacher. Needless to say all our friends having their kids enrolled in her classes.

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