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Yunju K

Yunju loves teaching young beginners, and her expertise is helping young children develop creative musical expression. Her primary focus is on building a solid foundation in young beginners’ musical journeys. 

Yunju has been teaching piano privately for over 20 years and also has formal experience as a middle school music teacher. Yunju grew up in South Korea and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance and Master’s Degree in Music Education. She recently relocated from Seattle, WA and is excited to be a part of this wonderful community of music instructors, students, and parents alongside Janice.



Chad W

Chad is a rising Classical Guitarist residing in the Coachella Valley.  As a young instructor still getting his music degree, Chad has a passion to make music fun for children and knows how to teach music theory in an easy way for beginners to understand.  Chad loves teaching classical guitar pieces alongside popular music pieces, and his methods of teaching fundamentals of classical guitar technique will shape you into a creative well-rounded musician. He is open to all styles, songs and types of play, with an emphasis on classical technique. Students will learn beginner solo and duet classical guitar pieces.  


To schedule an introductory guitar lesson with Chad, please contact us. 

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